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Carpenter / Joiner

  • Gērnsija
  • 16 - 28 / st. (bruto)
  • Omega Group Ltd
  • Pilna slodze
  • Termiņš 17.10
  • pirms 4 dienām

CARPENTERS - EXCEPTIONAL Job Opportunity. •On the Beautiful Island of Guernsey 🇬🇬 (Google it). •£16 - £26 POUNDS per hour 💷 (depending on experience). •NO VISA Required ✈️ (seriously). •Surrounded by a truly amazing team 💪 We thought this sounded too good to be true when we moved to Guernsey, but it’s real. Omega Group Ltd are hiring motivated individuals who are as hooked on improving their lives as we are. We only hire skilled professionals and people we actually enjoy spending our days with. Message us now to find out if this new journey is possible for you 🫵


  • First Fix Carpentry
  • Second Fix Carpentry
  • Turning up and being amazing everyday
  • Building good relationships with our awesome team

No Jums sagaidām:

  • That you are doing work that you enjoy and get paid well for it. That you are a good team player who we can accept into our brotherhood of skilled tradesmen

Mēs piedāvājam:

  • A fresh start on a beautiful island.
  • Very high pay and extremely low tax rates.
  • A great team to work alongside.
  • Options for relevant qualifications.

This really is a massive opportunity for a skilled carpenter looking to experience something new. When we moved to Guernsey we never looked back.

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