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Visidarbi is one of the most visited job portals in Latvia, which audience is growing rapidly every year and now exceeding 160 000 unique visitors per month (by Google Analytics data).

Advertisers can publish banners in four different sizes.

GIGA banner
Size: 1170x192px
Location: center of the front page (view)
Availability: all devices
Price: 1 week - 200 EUR, 1 month - 600 EUR

Size: 813x215px
Location: search results list (view)
Availability: all devices
Price: 1 week - 250 EUR, 1 month - 800 EUR

BIG TOWER banner
Size: 300x800px
Location: left sidebar on the search results (view)
Availbality: only desktop devices
Price: 1 week - 200 EUR, 1 month - 600 EUR

Size: 300x300px
Location: left sidebar on the search results (view)
Availability: only desktop devices
Price: 1 week - 150 EUR, 1 month - 400 EUR

Technical specification of banners:
File format: gif, jpg, png, HTML (responsive)
File size: max 100 Kb

The advertising must comply with all the laws of the Republic of Latvia and the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers.


Prices mentioned above exclude VAT 21%.

More information:
Phone: (+371) 67336111
E-mail: [email protected]