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Terms of Use

1. General Terms of Use.

1.1. Terms of use of the website (hereinafter – Visidarbi) are binding for all its users.

1.2. Visidarbi user (hereinafter – User) is any private or legal person registered or unregistered in Visidarbi, who visits Visidarbi and uses its services and features.

1.3. Visidarbi provides its Users with a certain range of services and features. In turn, the registered Users, who have created their User accounts, have access to a wider range of services and features.

1.4. The services provided by Visidarbi for private persons, looking for a job (hereinafter – Jobseekers), are free of charge, however for private or legal persons, looking for employees (hereinafter – Employers) – for a fee.

1.5. Visidarbi offers Jobseekers the opportunity to compile and view the job advertisements (hereinafter – Advertisements) published by Employers on Visidarbi and third-party websites (hereinafter – Sources), apply for Advertisements and other features, and for Employers – publication of Advertisements on Visidarbi and other services.

1.6. The use of Visidarbi is considered as a full agreement to these terms, including any further amendments.

1.7. Each User is solely responsible for any information he/she submits on Visidarbi.

1.8. If the User does not comply with said terms of use, depending on the nature or consequences of the infringement, the infringer is called to statutory civil, administrative or criminal liability.


2. Registration and Closure of the User Account.

2.1. To become a registered User, Jobseeker or Employer fills out the registration form on Visidarbi.

2.2. The user undertakes to keep secret and not to disclose to third parties his/her User account access data – username and password.

2.3. All User personal data is protected in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Latvia and shall not be disclosed to third parties without the consent of the User, except in cases provided in the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia, when requested by the law enforcement authorities of the Republic of Latvia.

2.4. If the User does not agree to the Visidarbi terms of use and does not want to continue to use the services available to the registered User, he/she may abandon the User account by sending a request e-mail to


3. The Features, Rights and Duties of the Jobseeker.

3.1. Jobseeker can apply for an Advertisement as both unregistered User and registered User. In order to apply for an Advertisement, Jobseeker logs into his User account or fills out the application form, and adds the chosen application documents. By applying for an Advertisement, User agrees to transfer his personal data and application documents for processing to Employer in order to participate in an Advertisement vacancy competition to obtain the job. If the Jobseeker has been a registered User at the time of application and was logged in his User account, the Jobseeker may recall his Advertisement application during the vacancy competition, by logging in his/her User account.

3.2. Jobseeker, after logging in his User account, has the ability to manage his application documents by deleting or uploading new documents, as well as, when applying for an Advertisement, choose only specific documents, which will be available to the Employer while evaluating the received applications for the Advertisement. The application documents attached to the User account will not be available to Employer for processing in any other way, if the Jobseeker has not intentionally added them to the Advertisement application form.

3.3. Jobseeker, after logging into his User account, can manage his e-mail notifications for Advertisements, deleting or modifying settings for existing email notifications or adding new e-mail notifications.

3.4. Jobseeker, after logging into his User account, has the ability to unsubscribe or sign up for a newsletter from Visidarbi.


4. The Features, Rights and Duties of the Employer. Content of the Advertisement.

4.1. Visidarbi offers its services only to registered Employers, who have created User accounts.

4.2. Employer, when registering or logging in his User account, can purchase the chosen services online. Online payment options include Swedbank, credit card, or PayPal. If the Employer is unable to make the payment online by using the offered payment options, it is possible to receive an invoice from the Visidarbi representative for a payment by transfer from any bank.

4.3. Upon online payment or payment of the invoice, the services selected by Employer are activated and are available for use upon logging in the User account.

4.4. In order to post an Advertisement, the Employer must log in his/her User account to select and fill out the appropriate Advertisement form.

4.5. Employer is obligated not to display his/her e-mail in the Advertisement, so that candidates can apply for the Advertisement through the application form of the User.

4.6. Employer is obligated to exclude discriminatory requirements from the Advertisement in accordance with the Labour Law.

4.7. Employer is obligated to add the Advertisement in Latvian in accordance with the State Language Law, if the Employer is looking for a worker in the Republic of Latvia and is a state and local government institution, state or municipal capital company, private institution, organization, company or a self-employed person registered in the Republic of Latvia.

4.8. If the Employer in Advertisement is represented by an intermediary – a personnel selection company or employment agency registered in the Republic of Latvia (hereinafter – Intermediary), then, in accordance with the Procedures for Licensing and Supervision of Merchants – Providers of Work Placement Services, the Intermediary is obliged to indicate the license number issued by the State Employment Agency, the date of issue of the license and the period of validity in the Advertisement.

4.9. The Employer or the Intermediary referred to in the Advertisement is fully responsible for the content of the posted Advertisement and its compliance with the regulatory enactments in force in the Republic of Latvia.

4.10. Visidarbi reserves the right to correct or delete any Advertisement published from Visidarbi, and delete Advertisement compiled from the Source, which contains information that is incorrect, does not comply with the Visidarbi terms of use or the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia.

4.11. Visidarbi is not responsible for Advertisements compiled from the Sources. It is not possible for Visidarbi to influence and manage the content of said Advertisements, as Visidarbi is not a manager of the Sources. Advertisements that are compiled from Sources, are displayed automatically in search results of Visidarbi, and Visidarbi does not check these Advertisements. Visidarbi does not assume any responsibility and disclaims all responsibility for the content, accuracy, completeness, legality, reliability and availability of the Advertisements that are compiled from the Source.

4.12. Employer, after logging in his/her User account, can manage the received Advertisement applications. The Employer undertakes to process the received data and information obtained from the candidates who have applied for the Advertisement only for his/her own purpose of searching for human resources, and may not give for use, sell or transfer it to third parties in any other way.

4.13. Employer, after logging into his User account, has the ability to unsubscribe or sign up for a newsletter from Visidarbi.


5. Copyrights, Publication of Information and Content Materials.

5.1. Visidarbi database (hereinafter – System), all the creative developments, including the design, texts and software code, is the property and copyright object of Visidarbi manager SIA “CV-Online Latvia” (Reg. No. 40003480317).

5.2. Any User shall use the information derived from the System solely for his/her needs for personnel or job search.

5.3. The User shall not engage in any activities aimed at full or partial copying, damaging or malfunctioning of the System, including through the use any computer programs (applications, scripts, command line requests, etc.).

5.4. An unauthorized reproduction of information, including Advertisements, from Visidarbi is prohibited, except for Advertisements compiled from the Source. If you wish to use the information published by Visidarbi and/or republish Advertisements, please send a request e-mail to


Riga, July 3, 2017