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Adecco Norge AS

Adecco Bygg Nord specializes in finding work for carpenters, concrete workers, painters, plumbers, electricians and other construction workers. Adecco Bygg is a part of the largest Norwegian employment agency - Adecco Norge AS, but it's not the size that counts for us the most. Our primary task is to check and meet the needs of our clients: employees and employers. Every day we try to match jobs and tasks for candidates. We know that it is important for everyone to feel good in their workplace, so we take into account not only Your qualifications but also the competences You have. We are specialized in finding jobs for construction workers, all are welcome to contact us on www.adecco.no or by e-mail: Agata [email protected].
  • Рег. №: 935 333 156
  • Адрес: Rosenkrantz gate 16, Oslo, Norge, 160, Norra
  • http://www.adecco.no

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